s i m o n d a l e . u k

Welcome to my new simplified website home page. This page will have links to all my creative endeavours, family history, photography and all matters which probably have little interest to the wider world.

This new site effecively will replace all other domains and sites, except for Quotidian a daily photographic blog, as above.

About me: Born January 5th 1952 at Parson’s Green, London. Lived in Fulham for the first 20 years of my life.

I attended Bousfield School, Epsom and Watford Art Schools and Portsmouth Polytechnic, taking a BA in Fine Art. I have worked as an Apprentice Model Maker, a Minibus/Van driver, Courier, Post Room assistant, Photographer, Music Copyist, Music Editor, Music Engraver, Music Arranger, Graphic Designer, Web Designer / Developer and a Local Government Officer.

In 1992 I moved to Lewes, Sussex with my wife and 20 month old. Our daughter now lives in London. Since we stopped working for a living and officially "retired", I am lucky enough to devote my time to doing this sort of thing, taking photographs, painting pictures, drawing from life, and generally hanging around, socialising, travelling, taking walks and riding my bike on the Sussex downs...

I have wide and varied tastes in all things. I like, or certainly am prepared to critically appraise, almost all art. I firmly beleive that firstly you must take the artist at his or her word, and then take it from there. No glib condemnations. I guess I my preference is for 20th century painting. I listen to most music, apart from hip hop, house... that kind of stuff, oh yes... and finger-in-ear folk. I admire innovative new architecture and love old, even shambling, city scapes and enjoy almost any landscape.

This page links to some family material and more is in preparation. I intend to put some film and music on this site at some point. My painting and art can be found above, as can a family album (still being populated) a large collection of First World War postcards that my maternal grandparents sent to each other, and my father's illustrated WW2 diaries. There are also links to Social Media sites, (Tumblr and Facebook) as well as links to sites of friends etc.

It is hoped that this continuing endeavour keeps me busy in those moments when the weather is awful or my muse is playing hard-to-get. Use it or lose it. If you don't write html code, write music, pick up a pencil or brush you get very rusty really quickly. To this end, and perhaps to beat off (or try to delay) the grim mind-reaper a daily brain work out at Lumosity is recommended.

Simon J Dale ©2015