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This is a relatively new site on this preferred domain. I still hang on to simondale dot com, but it is a merely a holding page with links back to this site.

When I started designing websites in 2000 I learnt from a standing start. My usual auto-didactical route served me well enough, but keeping up with technical advances and trying to make a reasonable living often proved difficult.

However since giving up doing that for a living in 2008, I find I have to dip my toe in the water on occasions just to reacquaint myself with what I should already know and remember.

This site (along with quotidian.blog) is my way of staving off this diminished recall and hoping against hope that HTML, MySQL or PHP is not rewritten from the bottom up at any point soon.

Since the advent of Social Media and free blog sites, the original hosting and domain registration combination is less widely used, most people (and even some businesses! ) are now content to just have a facebook / twitter page or similar. Having your own site and domain name costs money, and so much else is free and can be guaranteed to work.

So why do I persist? For the reasons above, and also being a control freak. I can have my own sites how I want them. Personalised and unique they may be, but I fear they are not widely seen. I have also succumbed to having instagram and tumblr accounts as well.

This site is not self promotion as such, I am not making any kind of living from my art or photography, nor do I particularly want to. Which asks the question why do any of it at all? You gotta do something, and I believe people occasionally look at these sites. If you are reading this, be sure to let me know.


Simon Jaques Dale

P.S. This site does not generate or use cookies