Vintage Postcard Collection

Postcard#: 0302
Subject Group:  Old Masters
Artist:  Steen, Jan
Title:  Fte Flamande dans l'interieur d'une Auberge
Date of Posting:  Undated (Sent to J.P.Jackson)
Message on reverse:  (4)...bones would not whiten the fields of Flanders as its nowhere near Flanders II:II. (sic) He has justed (sic) heard a rumour that his brother Fred was on the transport that was sunk in the Med, but doesn't know whether he is still alive. I will apologise for taking up so much of your precious time and dry up. Hope you found your people and the girl OK and trust you are not overeating yourself. Well bye bye drop a line if you have a few...
Notes:  4th in a series (from 301)
Not written by JPJ