Vintage Postcard Collection

These postcards comprised an album put together by my maternal grandmother, Jessica Amelia Jackson (neé Dixon) during and after the First World War. The majority of the cards were sent to her by my grandfather, Sapper John Percival Jackson as he was posted to various places in Western Europe between September 1914 and April 1920. Others were sent to my grandfather, in English, French or Italian. I am grateful to Jan Waugh for helping translate most of the French.

For more about this see Behind the Album

Random Postcard

Postcard#: 0134
Subject Group:  Genre Painting
Artist:  Leloir, Suzanne
Title:  Les Fians
Date of Posting:  Thursday December 9th 1915
Message on reverse:  Darling, Got some more cards at last. Will write you letter in day or two. Best love, Percy.