Vintage Postcard Collection

Postcard#: 0318
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Title:  Rouen - Vue Gnrale
Date of Posting:  Wednesday August 2nd 1916
Message on reverse:  Weds. Darling, We have had five days of glorious weather and have had some lovely swims every morning. It is not quite so hot today and am sat on the sea wall enjoying a nice cool breeze - with my hand on sombody's knee. I wish it was you dear. Thanks for your letters and envelopes Dear. I would take your advice but fish is rather too dear at present. The water looks lovely and green and I can see all the seaweed covered rocks down below and lots of jelly fish swimming about all colours, some striped, some spotted and shaped like this (DRAWING HERE) and they don't half sting if you touch them in the water. Excuse more but accept all my very best love and many XXXs. Yours always, John.