Vintage Postcard Collection

Postcard#: 0044
Subject Group:  Landscape
Date of Posting:  Tuesday October 13th 1914
Message on reverse:  Darling Jessie, Have received your welcome letters of the 2nd and 5th inst, also paper, for all of which I thank you very much. I also wish I was there to take you to the fair, but it will be over by you receive this. Fancy you knitting socks, Darling. Thanks very much even if you never finish them. We are leaving this place tomorrow or some of us are, afraid I shall be separated from the other two boys but hope they will follow us up. Luckily we were paid yesterday, also recd tobacco, and another blanket, so we are well equipped for the journey. I will make your debt a present to you Darling, very good of me isn't it, but it's a long time since I bought you any Velma. Will now close wtih all my love. Percy. XXXXXXX. Will write again when possible. Love. P
Notes:  Companion to 43. River scene, swans.