Vintage Postcard Collection

Postcard#: 0473
Subject Group: 
Title:  Southampton
Date of Posting:  Tuesday October 31st 1916
Message on reverse:  Southampton Tuesday 3.0pm
My Own Darling Khaki Girl, You will perhaps wonder why I am writing from here dear. Well the boat did not sail last night on account of some dangers in the channel. I think it's mines but cannot be sure. We arrived here last night at 6.0 or 7.0 o'clock and slept on the boat ot tried to. It was simply packed to suffocation and we could find not a spare inch on deck so had to sleep below in a sweltering atmosphere and couldn't turn round or stretch yourself at all we were so packed. I can tell you i haven't half got a head today. (cont. on 474)

Notes:  PC 470 sent a day afterwards so date conjectured. (cont. on 474)